E-Commerce Spy Tool Suite

One Platform. All Of E-Commerce Spy Tools.

All the eCommerce spy tools you need, EACHSPY has them all.

  • Spy on Winning Products
  • Real-time monitoring and learning from competitors
  • Discover the most successful Facebook e-commerce ads in real time
  • Optimize your Facebook ads with Audience finder
  • Copy products from another shopify store to your shopify store

Boost Your Online Store Sales With Eachspy.

Product Databases

  • 68,689,914 shopify product data, 100,000 updates per day
  • More than 10 search options to help you quickly find winning products
  • Quickly export csv files using shopify exporter
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Shopify Alerts

  • We monitor 1,680,695 shopify shops 24/7 for you
  • We will notify you whenever there are new products mentioning your keywords, e.g., brand, topics...
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Ad Spy

  • We monitor facebook ads library 24/7 for you
  • You can monitor Facebook page ads or monitor a certain keyword
  • Discover the current most successful facebook ads
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E-Commerce Intelligent

  • Discover the hidden best selling shopify products and display shopify store updates by shopify inspector
  • Facebook Ad Interest Hunter Discover Hidden Facebook Audiences You Didn't Know Existed
Shopify Inspector Audience finder

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