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Oaxaca-style Cheese from El Abuelito Cheese, NJ

A mozzarella-style cheese, pulls apart in to shreds like string cheese. Milky and delicious.


El Abuelito Cheese Inc. was founded in 1997 by Mr. Miguel Torres from Puebla, Mexico. Today, it is established as company that manufactures Mexican cheeses, sour cream and meat.

Mr. Torres started his company handcrafting around 300 pounds of cheese every week in a small appliance in Passaic, New Jersey. His perseverance and dedication helped him to excel in the business, pushing him to move to a bigger place and establishing his business in Paterson, New Jersey where he currently manufactures his products. Since its beginnings, El Abuelito Inc. is committed to providing their customers with the freshest products, elaborated with high quality ingredients, and the authentic Mexican flavor.

12 ounce ball.

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