Silicone 4-Ball Ice Ball Maker Mold

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Perfect Round Ice Ball

Our giant round mold can make 4 huge blocks of ice, each close to 1.75 inches. More than just a novelty, big ice cubes slowly melt, making them the ideal choice for your vintage, Scotch, bourbon, or blended whiskey. Perfect for cooling your cocktail glass!

Simple, Non-stick Design

Unlike hard plastic hockey trays, our flexible round ice cube mold is made of durable silicone. These sphere ice cube molds make it easy to twist or push the ice from the bottom for easy release.

Food Grade Silicone 

The silicone material is certified by SGS, and the black silicone ice tray can be 100% safe and effective for freezing liquids, such as juice, soup, and even baby food. Even better, each tray is easy to clean quickly and able to wash by dishwasher.

Improve the Quality of Life 

The ice mold is also suitable for iced coffee and a variety of summer drinks. The specially designed tightly closed spherical ice mold allows you to get full ice balls.

Suitable for Baby Foods Storage

It can be used to store baby complementary food, with a cover separation is not easy to change the smell. There are 4 small boxes, can put different flavors of complementary food. Soft silicone material, gently press to release the food, easy to defrost.

Material: Food Grade Silicone

Color: Black, Red

Weight: 152 g

Dimensions: 24.8 x 4.4 cm/9.8*1.7 inch

Package Includes: 1x Silicone Ice Ball Maker

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