Planer Aligning Tool

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Planer Aligning Tool is used to produce a nice and evenly woodworking. Besides, it is also a time saving tool when mounting and setting planer blades. Moreover, it is also widely used in most planer, thickening machine or combination machine.


Adjustable height of blade
Magnet attach to the blade
Can be aligned evenly on both side
High accuracy to ensure a perfect alignment


Firstly, put the 2 tool lovers on the round knife facing machine, the Three Faces of the tool pair are aligned with the surface of the tool body (This is to ensure that three datum line of two pool pairs are all on the same reference)
Then the scale on the 2 pairs of knives may be biased, for example, one is on 0, the other is on 1; Then adjust the peeler to a few millimeters higher than the knife body as needed, for example, if it is 2mm higher, then it is necessary to adjust the knob 0+2=2 and the other one is 1+2=3; Therefore, this scale does not need to be set to zero when assembling.
Another problem is the adjustment of the knob because it is adjusted up and down through the screw thread. The regular adjustment should be to turn to the high position first and then turn down to the required position, in the way, the gap between the Buckles is avoided. 


Minimum cutting block diameter: 75mm
Maximum cutting diameter: 125mm
Height adjustment: 22mm
Incremental adjustment: 0.1mm


2 x Planer Aligning Tool Per Set

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