Pet Hair Dryer Comb

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Dry, comb & style pet furs easily!
Hair Dryers not just pets with its noise... it can also cause Burns or Scalds!Gently comb and de-shed your fur babies' fluffy coats with the Pet Hair Dryer Comb!DRY, COMB & STYLEPerfect de-shedding comb for knotted matted fur, dead hair, and tangles. Brush and dry your pet at the same time! Pets will surely look and feel good in a pain-free way.
135° TEETH COMB WITH MASSAGE RUBBERMade with stainless steel teeth comb with rounded tips. It also comes with a protected tip with a 135° angle that allows it to deeply reach your pet’s undercoat without scratching their skin.2 HEAT SETTINGSThe control switch can be turned off or be adjusted when the temperature is too high. Reduce or quicken your drying time!
Dog Brush and Grooming Dryer is a product that you and your dog will adore! It is a brush and dryer in one, which means you can do everything easily and fast just with one hand, and your dogs feel safe and comfortable. It has lower noise and temperature - doesn`t scare your dog or make it anxious, doesn`t damage skin or fur.  The hair will be straight, shiny, fluffy, and clean. 
That's why our   Dog Brush and Grooming Dryer - is the best solution! Fast, comfortable grooming, and drying of your dog!


Dryer and Brush in One: You can dry your dog‘s hair and brush at the same time after giving a bath, a quick dry after a rainy walk, and even warm your dog after a cold winter walk. This will effectively save your time!
Lower Noise: With a lower noise you can dry your dog's hair while keeping the noise down. It will not scare your dogs away.
Adjustable Temperature: This hair dryer has easily adjustable, 2 temperature, and wind speed, in order not to hurt the fur and skin of your pet. It has a lower temperature than a human hairdryer. It saves you energy with a low power consumption of 380W.

Better Appearance: Brushing and drying your dog coat until it's all dry will make it look its best. The hair will be straight, shiny, fluffy, and clean. Your dog will look more professional, and other breeds look full of body.

Gentle Bristles: Fine wire bristles are rounded at an angle of 135 ° with rounded balls at the end. It is for deep undercoat treatment which removes mats and tangles. Gentle enough so they won’t irritate your pet’s skin, these bristles massage the skin, encourage blood circulation, and lead to shiny fur.
ERGONOMIC GRIP HANDLEComb or dry your pet without tiring your hands. This comb has an ergonomic and portable build perfect even for hours of usage! You can also use it as a slicker brush with no electric power.Perfect for all dog and cat sizes and hair types! Brush long, short or medium furs!Lovingly dry and comb your Furkids without the fuss!Ensure healthy and tangle-free furry pet coats with the Pet Hair Dryer Comb!

Portable, Lightweight & Travel-Friendly: It is small, lightweight, and you can take it wherever you go with you. It will not take up much of your luggage space. The perfect dog hairdryer to travel with!
Safe Grooming with Ergonomic Design: This hair dryer has an auto power shut-off function. If the temperature gets too high, the safety monitor will stop the appliance immediately. It will restart after it cools down.

Specifications :

Material: ABS and Stainless Steel
Power: 300 W
Wind speed: 1 medium strong airflow (low heat), 2 strong airflows (middle heat)
Product size: 29 x 12 x 7 cm
Cable length: 2m

Package Includes:1 x 2-in-1 Pet Hair Dryer Comb

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