Electric Gel Nail Polish Remover

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Electric Gel Nail Polish Remover
There's no need to exert so much effort to remove your nail polish.

This device is the best key to remove your nail polish easily. It produces steam which takes only 5 minutes in order to successfully remove your nail polish. This can be used not just for removing gel nail polish but also for removing acrylic nails, shellac, and many more. The good thing about this is that this can remove the nail polish of five fingers in one bath only. That is a good assurance that this would never waste your time in any way. This operates in a way that the combination of heat and vapor helps to soften the gel nail polish. It is will then become lifted and slide off your nails naturally.

Electric Gel Nail Polish Remover is 100% safe and painless. You wouldn't even feel that this is already starting to remove your nail polish because of how gentle it is. This is made to have an ergonomic design as well so you can be certain that this would never give you any kind of discomfort at all. This is very easy to use, you just have to open the top cover of it, then pour some gel removal solution. In only easy steps, you can finally get rid of the old nail polish to have a new and wonderful one. This is now the time for you to settle on something convenient.

Easy To Use: This would not even make you have a hard time reading the manual because of how easy to use this.

Painless: You would never feel any kind of pain and pressure with this.

Convenient: This can remove the nail polish of your five fingers in one time only for a much faster and easier operation.

Durable: It is made to last for a long time so you can rely on its strong durability and long-lasting life span.

the head and vapor of the nail polish remover helps to soften the gel nail polish, lift and slide off the nails easily   
Our nail polish remover is safe and harmless   
This steam-off nail polish remover is portable and will not harm your skin   
The LED gel can be removed easily after 5 minutes   
Use the nail stick to remove gel polish quickly before it gets dry
Power : AC85-240V, 50
Weight :432g
Material : ABS
CableLenght: 1.5cm
Size (LxWxH): 16.5x16.5x10.30cm/6.5*6.5*4.06in
Pckage Included:
1 Electric Gel Nail Polish Remover

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