Cut & Fit Door Bottom Seal Strip

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Keep Your House CLEAN, COZY & QUIET!With 2 jumbo-sized foam tubes with a center slot, it is sealed with any door/window gaps to guard against door drafts, odors, dust, noise & insects like cockroaches; also block out under-door light as well!Just slide our strip under the door, cut to size & done! Fully protect your doors from scratches, glue residues or damages!

Seal Gaps PerfectlySoft and Jumbo-sized foam tubes are designed to perfectly sealed all gaps, including extra-large gaps under the door!

Fits All GapsPerfectly seal any gaps of exterior/interior doors, window sills, garage, basement, bed, sofa and cabinet.

Solve All ProblemsGuards against door drafts, odors, dust, noise & insects like cockroaches; blocks out under-door light as well.

Free To Cut/ AdjustFits doors/windows up to 36 inches length. Foam tubes and vinyl can be cut down to fit narrow doors.

Smooth GlidingEasily glides over carpet, wood, tile, linoleum and more without jamming against floor surfaces.

Easy InstallationJust slide the strip under the door, cut to size & done! No more constant bending down to measure the width of door and re-position.

Adhesive-freeNeedless to use adhesive tape or glue. Protects your door from scratches, glue residues or damages caused by traditional self-adhesive door strips. Able to re-apply it to another door anytime just by sliding it out to remove from the door bottom.

Excellent Noise ReductionStructured with thick foam to cut the noise away, creating a quiet, cozy environment for better sleeping quality or working efficiency.

Keeps Room TemperatureInsulates your windows & doors and block air flow outside, keeping your room warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Also prevents rainwater from seeping into your house.


Materials: EVA + Foam

Length: 93cm

Color: Grey, Black, Brown, White

Package Includes:

1 x Door Bottom Seal Strip

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Cut & Fit Door Bottom Seal Strip
Cut & Fit Door Bottom Seal Strip