Portable Phone Screen Cleaner

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Keep your screen glossy & shiny all the time!
Our Portable Phone Screen Cleaner is an all-in-one gadget combining a spray bottle, a microfiber shell, and a protective case, which safely removes dust, smudges, and fingerprints on screens or lens. 

Simply refill the built-in liquid bottle with your desired cleaning solution. Just spray on a small amount of cleaning spray and use the microfiber shell to clean and polish the screen of your smartphone or tablet, as well as the lens of your camera.

Innovative compact and lightweight design with a protective cover makes it easy to use and to carry. This mini cleaner easily tucks into your bag, purse, or pocket without taking up a lot of space, making it the perfect tool for cleaning on the go.



All-On-One Screen Cleaner:The perfect combination of a spray bottle, a microfiber shell, and a protective case, which helps remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints on screens or lenses, keeping your phone screen shiny all the time!

Safe & Non-damaging:Helps clean your device with precision and without damaging sensitive components.

Soft Microfiber Shell:Microfiber wipe side is soft and leaves screen surfaces streak-free with strong cleaning and polishing effects like waxing. 

Refillable Spray Bottle:Simply refill the built-in liquid bottle with your desired cleaning solution. Just spray on a small amount of cleaning spray for screen cleaning. The bottle is detachable for cleaning or refilling. 

Protective Case:Protect the microfiber shell from dust or spilling of cleaning solution, enhancing the cleaning effect. 

Slim & Portable:Innovative compact and lightweight design with a protective cover makes it easy to use and to carry. Easily stored in your bag, purse, or pocket.

Long-lasting Use: Even though the bottle is very slim and small, it can still hold a certain amount of cleaning solution up to 200 sprays.

For All Screens & Lens:Perfectly for cleaning tablets, smartphones, notebook screens, and optical lenses of any brand. 


Material: Plastic, Microfiber
Color: Black, Pink
Size: 9 x 2.7cm


1pc x Portable Phone Screen Cleaner

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