Pepper Corer Stainless Steel Serrated Seed Remover Kitchen Tools

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This kitchen gadget can help you save time cooking and protect your hands from the chilli core, when cooking, you don’t have to worry about chili seeds.

Safe Pepper corer made of food-grade stainless steel of the blade and handle.

Quick Just insert and twist, then the stainless steel blade with the serrated edge and sharp inner teeth easily remove the core and seeds.

SHARP TEETH: Our stainless steel curved blade makes removing seeds from peppers, chilis, vegetables, fruit, etc. So much easier! The sharp teeth grip onto the core and can cut it out with easy.


STRONG AND DURABLE : The unique design of our stainless steel corer kitchen gadget makes for a great gift that is STRONG and DURABLE and can slice and deseed any fruit, vegetable, and more!

Usage Scenarios

Great for small to medium size peppers. Also ideal for cucumbers, tomatoes, and apples.

Using Methods

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