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5 pet walking essentials all in one !

The Pawfect Leash includes: Leash, Water Bottle, Waste bag dispenser and a Hook for used waste bags.
Money back guarantee* Limited stock! Orders processed within 2 Business days We use DHL, UPS, E Packets for secure delivery Delivery is 6 – 15 business days depending on location
Our company is based in Australia, where we provide you with a safe and secure payment gateway together with order follow ups.
Please note that the Pawfect Leash is a fixed leash (nonretractable) as it provides greater control for you and your dog, and also prevents injury, as retractable leashes are outlawed in 50% of US States as well as in Canada.

Keep your dog Hydrated

You wouldn’t go to the gym without water?Nor should your dog while out exercising.

Hydrating your dog while out walking is crucial !

dog Dehydration is a serious problem

Dehydration in dogs while out exercising is a serious problem, as dogs dehydrate faster than humans!

The Pawfect Leash and water container are made from durable Polypropylene and the bowl is made from Silicone rubber both are FDA Approved food grade materials.

Put an end to bulky items

With our Pawfect leash all of your dogs essentials are easy to carry and ready to use at all times.
Making it easier than ever to keep your pup hydrated and healthy throughout your walk!

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