Foot Peel Mask 2 Pack, Peeling Away Calluses and Dead Skin Cells, Make Your Feet Baby Soft, Exfoliating Foot Mask, Get Silky Soft Feet by Lavinso (Fragrance?2Pack?)

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If you suffer from dry, cracked feet with callouses, then you want the best foot care treatment you can get that restores your feet to the smooth, soft feel you once had in as little as two weeks. If youre unhappy with your purchase of our foot peel, well provide you with a full refund.
Lavinso Foot Peel Mask comprises of all-natural ingredients and botanical extracts that are safe to use on both men and woman.
Its never been easier to get amazing-looking feet. All you need to do is apply and allow the foot mask to work as it was designed to. You dont need to scrub your foot, putting your feet through pain to get a baby soft smooth foot.
Just cut the booties to make a hole for your feet to slip into. Seal it back and use for an hour, so the products gel will moisturize and exfoliate your skin.
There are two foot peal mask booties in the package. You can use one treatment now and another for later use.

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