Early Education 3D Cloth Book

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 Give Your Child A Headstart
Study shows that people that like to read on their spare time tend to be more successful in life.
Books can take you wherever you want to go. By reading, you take pictures of stories in your mind. Through reading books, children get more knowledge about things, which in turn expands their imagination.

Exercises their memory muscles and helps your child to grow. Once your child likes to read, the habit will usually accompany them throughout their life.

Our cloth books are an early education toy that stimulates the child's language, reading, sensory and communication skills but most importantly their imagination. 

The colorful colors will make sure to grab your little one's attention while at the same time spark their curiosity about new things. Each page has a unique scene where the kid can interact with the book to make the experience more enjoyable. 

It's the perfect chance to enhance the bond with your child and improve their skills and knowledge. 

The book is handmade from soft polyester and is absolutely non-toxic and safe for the baby. The material is durable and comes with a handle on the side for easy installation on a stroller or baby fence. Waterproof and not easily torn. 
Daily Habits 
The rabbit cloth book is focusing on teaching children about daily habits and their importance. Vehicle
 The vehicle cloth book teaches and sparks the children's curiosity about vehicles. Study
The study cloth book focuses on teaching practical tasks such as tying shoes, opening zippers, matching shapes and etc.All Books (3PCs) - Get the three books combined into one package. 

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