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EACHSPY developes software for both the beginners and experienced Shopify Sellers.

We help Shopify businesses find profitable product ideas, estimate the market volume within a given niche, develop pricing strategy, improve Shopify SEO & PPC, and analyze the competitors.


Boost Your Online Store Sales With Eachspy.

Product Databases

The Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools for Business

We have a huge product database with hundreds of thousands of products updated daily. You can find almost all dropshipping products here.

We offer a wide range of filtering options to make it easy for you to find Winning Products.

Product Databases

Shopify Alerts

Shopify Stores Tracker, Shopify Products Monitor

We monitor 1,655,145 shopify shops 24/7 for you. We will notify you whenever there are new products mentioning your keywords, e.g., brand, topics...

Best for PR and marketing professionals to monitor brand mentions, shopify seller to discover new niche products.

Shopify Alerts

Facebook Ads Spy

Monitor Facebook Ads Library 24/7

No need to keep an eye on refreshing the facebook ads library, We monitor facebook ads library 24/7 for you.

You can create a monitoring strategy based on your Facebook Page or keywords, and our bots will automatically collect all the data for you.

Facebook Adspy

E-Commerce Intelligent

Shopify Inspector & Ads Interest Hunter

Discover the hidden best selling shopify products and display shopify store updates by shopify inspector.

Facebook Ad Interest Hunter Discover Hidden Facebook Audiences You Didn't Know Existed.

Shopify Inspector Interest Hunter

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