Shopify vs Wordpress(woocommerce), which one is better to start your Dropshipping Business in 2022

Shopify vs Wordpress(woocommerce), which one is better to start your Dropshipping Business in 2022

Shopify vs Wordpress (Woocommerce), pros and cons

Which e-commerce program is best for dropship beginners? There are usually 2 options, one is to use a paid saas program, typically shopify, and the other is to use an open source e-commerce program, typically woocommerce.

Let's look at the pros and cons of each!

# Shopify Woocommerce
Starting price $29 / month $5 / month (Usually the server costs)
Technical Requirements Basic Intermediate to advanced
Technical maintenance Almost no worries about server maintenance, etc. You need more time and money to maintain server issues
SEO features Better SEO features Requires some knowledge of SEO,There is a famous SEO plugin: YOAST SEO
Fraud protection Yes No
Theme Store Shopify Themes , There are currently 91 themes in the official store Woocommerce themes , There are currently 48 themes in the official store
App Store Shopify Apps, There are currently 7031 apps in the official store Woocommerce Apps, There are currently 751 apps in the official store
Detail optimization Most details are handled more elegantly than open source software Normal
Dropshipping Business Officially provide a large number of tutorials and examples Relatively few tutorials, you need to do your own figuring out
Spy tools A lot of spy tools Fewer spy tools
Customizability Poorly customizable, you have no absolute control over your store Very customizable, you have full control of your store

In conclusion: If you are familiar with programming skills while having more requirements for customizability, then Woocommerce may be a better fit for you. Otherwise, for most people, shopify is a better choice.

No matter which e-commerce program you choose, here are some very good app recommendations for you to start your Dropshipping Business in 2022:

Best shopify apps for Dropshipping Business in 2022

1. Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS Marketing for Shopify -

Klaviyo is the most commonly used Shopify email marketing tool, it is more powerful than many other EDM tools because it enables both email and SMS dual marketing and helps you to do AB testing. Currently, many large Shopify sites are doing remarketing and new product promotion through Klaviyo.

2. AfterShip: Track your dropship orders -

In the customer service process of e-commerce, the most important thing is not the online customer service assistant, but the order tracking and query function. So I recommend you the following customer service effect of the first-class plug-in AfterShip. installed this plug-in allows customers to check the status of their orders, so you can avoid a lot of after-sales problems.

3. Loox Product Reviews & Photos for Shopify -

Beautiful Product Reviews, Photo & Video Reviews and Referrals

Best Woocommerce plugins for Dropshipping Business in 2022


YOAST SEO is a free SEO plugin for WordPress. It helps you optimize your site for search engines, and it also helps you to improve your site's content.

2. Facebook for WooCommerce -
  1. Quickly link your WooCommerce products to Facebook
  2. Help you set up a customizable online store on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Add the Conversions API to help measure and optimise ad campaigns
3. Cart Upsell for WooCommerce -

Flexible use of upsell plugins can boost your sales, This extension allows you to display simple products as an upsell on the cart page without interruption based on conditions you select.