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Aggregate the same products based on search criteria

We have recently launched a new feature: aggregation of identical products based on search criteria. This new feature will help you discover recent popular products. Here are some examples of its use.

1. Discover recent popular dropshipping products. Please check the dropshipping button and select how many days past trending.

dropshipping trending

2. Search for pet keyword products and aggregate popular pet products in the past 7 days.

dog trending

Note: There are currently limitations to using this feature as follows.

  1. You cannot re-sort the search results, they are currently sorted by the number of times the product appears in different stores from highest to lowest.
  2. Currently, you can only select products from the past 1 day, past 3 days, past 5 days, and past 7 days for aggregation. Therefore, it is not possible to search by product creation time or update time when using this feature.